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Reclining against a tree, you retrieve your water for a long drink as you take in the view from this meadow retreat in the wooded trail. The scene before you is dappled with yellow sunlight, as the dancing orange and red leaves frame your view of the infinite ocean in the distance. You smell the pungent pine on the breeze, and watch juniper berries blushing in the autumn sun as the birds welcome you with cheery salutations from the surrounding waving birches and enveloping horse chestnuts. You find yourself re-engaging with nature and, more importantly, with yourself.

Ogunquit has been a refuge from your frantic everyday life. You've walked a manicured golf course, using the greens to heal your mind, increase your concentration, and perfect your swing. On the glorious Marginal Way, that magnificent cool blue expanse of ocean has calmed and strengthened you. The white expanse of Ogunquit beach sand has massaged your feet and your soul, as it cleansed your mind, gently warming your thoughts and rubbing away your worries.

When asked what you planned to do on your vacation, you said, "Nothing." And you've gotten nothing done. You haven't reacted to texts, responded to emails, returned phone calls. You have refrained from it all. You've done nothing... right? So what will you report when you return and are asked "what did you do?" Recollect a childhood vacation? Recover your sanity? Reclaim your time? Reinvigorate. Rejuvenate. Re-engage. Replenish. Reflect. Refresh. Restore. Relax. Renew. Revive. Resolve. Revel. Rest. You've been very busy indeed, so you might as well keep at it! You close your eyes, listen to the refrain of the birdsong and wind requiem, take a deep revitalizing respiration ... and release.

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  • Birdhouses_in_the Marsh_Bob_Joyner.jpg
  • Cape_Neddick_Golf_Course.jpg
  • CedarPondPark.jpg
  • Contemplation_ted_whittenkraus.jpg
  • Dragon_Ed_Prostak.jpg
  • Dunes_at_Ogunquit_Beach_Rick_Barber.jpg
  • Dusk_Ray_Casbourn_Photography.jpg
  • Footbridge_Ted_Whittenkraus.jpg
  • Hidden_Cove_Regg_Bennett.jpg
  • Josias River Park Bench Audrey Gottlieb.jpg
  • Josias_River_2_Audrey_Gottlieb.jpg
  • Josias_River_Audrey_Gottlieb.jpg
  • Josias_River_Bob_Dennis.jpg
  • Josias_River_Ed_Prostak.jpg
  • Josias_River_Sign_Audrey_Gottlieb.jpg
  • Locust_Grove_Ed_Prostak.jpg
  • main_beach_jacobs_ladder.jpg
  • Marginal_berries_D_Sullivan.jpg
  • Marginal_Day_Sunny_Day_Bob_Dennis.jpg
  • Marginal_Way_behind_Beachmere_Regg_Bennett.jpg
  • Marginal_way_Bench-by_the_Dolphin_Den.jpg
  • Marginal_Way_Storm_Surge_Ted_Whittenkraus.jpg
  • Mayo_Falls_at_Perkins_Cove_Audrey_Gottlieb.jpg
  • Moonrise_Footbridge_Beach_Bob_Dennis.jpg
  • OarweedCove_Sunset_Jim_McCoy.jpg
  • Ogunquit_Beach_Sign_Audrey_Gottlieb.jpg
  • Overlooking_Perkins_Cove_at_sunrise-Ray_Casbourn.jpg
  • Perkins_Cove_from_above.jpg
  • Perkins_Cove_Sign_Ed_Prostak.jpg
  • Revelations_Janesworld.jpg
  • River_Reflections_Janesworld.jpg
  • Rock_Wall_Regg_Bennett.jpg
  • Small_Regg_Bennett.jpg
  • Speed_Bumps_Ed_Prostak.jpg
  • Wharf_Lane_Bridge_Ed_Prostak.jpg
  • WinterMarginalWay_Jim_McCoy.jpg

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