"This is my new favorite restaurant."

"That's what you said during lunch at the other restaurant," your companion laughs. "And at the one where we had breakfast!"

You have a clever response right on the tip of your tongue, something about how last night your companion's poached pear, pistachio, and goat cheese salad was "so decadent that I think I'll order it again for dessert." But you don't say it, because at just that moment, you take another bite. You close your eyes and all thought is chased away as you can concentrate only on your food. You revel in the enticing layered scents, in the balance of distinctive crunchy and creamy textures, in the blend of luscious sweet and savory flavors. You never knew mere food could be this scrumptious.

"OK. In that case, this is just another restaurant in Ogunquit," you assert, "and they are all amazing."

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