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Member Networking and Educational Events:

Business After Hours (monthly January - June, September - December)
Annual Meeting (annually in November)
Seminars and Education (as available, generally in spring and fall)

Gift of Ogunquit Gift Certificate Program:

HOW IT WORKS: As a gift certificate is presented to your business, you honor it and then deposit it in the bank for the full face value. If when completing the transaction, you are asked to give change, please treat the certificate as if it were cash and give the change back to the purchaser. It will be honored at face value when deposited. We have already logged the certificate at the Chamber so you do not need to log, track or mail it back to us in order to redeem the certificate. Depositing it into your account is sufficient. Again, the bank will credit it for the full amount. Click Here for a list of participating members.

DETAILS: All gift certificates are numbered and signed by the Chamber. The program is marketed on a year-round basis. The gift certificates will be issued in $25.00 denominations.

FEES: There is no fee for you to participate. The Chamber is administering the program as a valuable service to its members.

All checks will have an issue date. They do not expire, so do not worry if it was issued quite some time ago.

How to redeem a Gift of Ogunquit gift certificate:

  • If it is used for a purchase for less than $25, please give the customer change.
  • Look on the front and see if the “a gift for” line has been filled out. If not, put the name of your business there. If it has been filled out, ask the customer to endorse the back, just as if it were a check.
  • The customer would endorse the back like a check because it is a check! You will also endorse the back for deposit. At the end of the day, add it to your bank deposit.  Deposit it in your bank account just as you would any check from the Chamber.

Community Involvement:

Scholarships: The Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce offers annual scholarships to high school seniors at Wells-Ogunquit High School.