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Shopping in Ogunquit brings me back to a time when life was simpler and shopping was an adventure. Each time I step into one of the shops that meander through the streets and walkways I realize that the intimate atmosphere, myriad products, and delightful aromas fill me with feelings of wonderment and memories. Ogunquit offers a variety of local, hand-crafted goods, gifts that represent our seaside community or just the right piece of clothing regardless of the season. The experience of shopping in Ogunquit depends on the store: sometimes I am back to a time when I am walking hand-in-hand with my mom breathing in the comforting scents, wondering which new purchase would be just for me to celebrate a milestone in my life, then there are the times when I feel as though I am inside a book that I have read, or I have been transported to another place or time.

Whether it is the music playing, the voices of the other shoppers giggling over a particular item and the message it shares, or just the warmth of a fleece jacket or blanket, shopping in Ogunquit is an experience that floods many of us with memories. We can connect with people who know the products they sell, and can guide and help us to select just the right gift that will pull at the heartstrings of the receiver and bring a smile and often times a hug to the giver. Some of the best gifts I have given come from small stores where the experience of choosing the right gift plays a huge part in my final decision. The smile that fills my loved one’s face assures me that my quest to find just the right gift was worth it!

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