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Ogunquit Together

As a way to encourage all Ogunquit-area businesses to operate safely, and encourage guests and residents to act responsibly, the Ogunquit Chamber created the "Ogunquit Together" initiative in spring, 2020. The initiative welcomes our visitors and reminds everyone that it is in behaving in a manner that is courteous and respectful to others that we can enjoy our amazing natural resources and inviting business community together this summer.

When you see the logo above, you know "We are in it Together!"

COVID-19 Resources & Updates (updated 10/19/2021)

We are proud to report that our guests and residents are showing a great deal of respect for each other. Thank you to everyone for helping make our community a comfortable place for all to be!

What are the current COVID-19 guidelines in Ogunquit?

The town of Ogunquit follows the guidance provided by the Maine CDC. The good news is that Maine is one of the top three states in the country in terms of the percentage of its resident population who are fully vaccinated (69%+); New England, in general, has a significantly higher rate of fully-vaccinated residents than any other region in the country.

However, people do travel to Maine from all parts of the country to enjoy the beauty of Maine's coast. Therefore, due to the current upswing in COVID cases because of the delta variant, masks are not necessary outdoors, but are recommended for all guests in indoor locations, regardless of vaccine status, whenever York County (in which Ogunquit is located) is considered as a "substantial" or "high" transmission area. You can check here for the latest status updates from the U.S. CDC.

Since the population of York County is relatively small, the status changes on a daily basis, since just a couple of cases could move our county from "moderate" to "substantial." The decision is up to you: if you would like to protect others who can not yet receive a vaccine, or the immunocompromised - or if you travel with or live with someone in one of those two categories - your best bet would be to wear a mask indoors. This helps prevent you from inadvertently passing the virus to someone who is unvaccinated and could become gravely ill.

Besides voluntarily following the guidance of the Maine CDC, businesses may adopt policies for their employees or guests that rise above the recommended standard, and require that masks be worn indoors in order to provide the utmost safety. Please respect the wishes of these proprietors and be considerate of others.

Beaches are open, with no social distancing requirements. Parking lots are fully open, and reservations are not required. Dogs are permitted on the beach from now through March 31. Parking fees are in effect until October 31: click here for rates for beach parking lots.

Marginal Way is open for your strolling pleasure. Also, please carry in & carry out! Dogs are permitted on the Marginal Way from now through March 31.

Restaurants are open for outdoor and indoor dining, using state-approved safety protocols; most are continuing to offer take-out, curbside and/or delivery.

Retail stores, museums and art galleries are open, also using state-approved safety protocols.

Live music and entertainment is back, both outdoors and indoors. You'll find local musicians at many of our restaurants, and performance venues including Jonathan's, Front Porch Piano Bar and Maine Street. Ogunquit Playhouse is offering full-scale live theater in its outdoor Leary Pavilion. For details, check out This Week in Ogunquit.

Lodging properties are open for guests from anywhere.

Beginning May 1, 2021, Maine’s COVID-19 travel policy automatically exempted all states (i.e., you can travel to and from Maine without testing or quarantining), unless otherwise determined by the Maine CDC. If one or more states experiences a spike in cases of highly contagious COVID-19 variants, the Maine CDC will apply its test or quarantine requirements to travelers to and from that state.

Click here for Maine's travel protocols.

Fully vaccinated & planning a visit? Follow the CDC guidelines to keep unvaccinated kids and those who can't receive a vaccine safe!

If you haven't gotten your vaccination yet, we encourage you to do so before you visit to help keep our guests and our community safe! You'll find more information here.

Some options for testing, if you need it ...

Click here to find a COVID-19 testing facility near you. If you need to get a test while you are here in this area, most retail pharmacies (e.g., Walgreen's, CVS) offer testing.

Are masks required if you are vaccinated?
No, since Governor Mills has ended our state's civil emergency, the state can no longer mandate masks. However, our town follows the guidance of the Maine CDC, which is currently recommending masks indoors, regardless of your vaccination status, if York County (in which Ogunquit is located) is considered a "substantial" or "high" transmission area by the U.S. CDC. You can check the county's status here.


CLICK HERE for more information on Maine's Covid-19 response.